Politique Internationale - La Revue n°88 - ÉTÉ - 2000

sommaire du n° 88
Entretien avec Fidel CASTRO
Président du Conseil d'Etat et du gouvernement de la République de Cuba.
conduit par
Federico MAYOR
Ancien directeur général de l'Unesco.
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In this exclusive interview with Federico Mayor, former Director General of Unesco, Fidel Castro defends his record and maps out the way forward for his country. In power for over 40 years, the Cuban head of state is holding firm, despite the U.S. embargo, the collapse of the Soviet system and economic difficulties. Castro has jumped on the anti-globalization bandwagon, and is behind a number of initiatives to reduce inequalities between rich and poor countries. He calls for the abolition of the IMF and the cancellation of third-world debt, while protesting against the so-called “neoliberalism” or free-market trends that have taken hold in Latin America. He insists that the economic model imposed by the United States is not only cruel and unjust but also racist, a sort of global apartheid which will condemn four billion people to poverty. Questioned on human rights issues, Castro repeats that the first human right is access to culture. Other human rights apparently do not yet figure on his agenda ...

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