Politique Internationale - La Revue n°146 - HIVER - 2015

sommaire du n° 146
Article de Nicole BACHARAN
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Barack Obama set out to change America, to exorcise the country's old demons, to forge a more peaceful society and reenergize public life. Six years later, despite an improved economy, disenchantment has set in. Voters recently gave a majority to Mr. Obama's Republican adversaries in both houses of Congress, sanctioning without hesitation too many grandiose but vague commitments and too many promises that were impossible to keep. The U.S. president has not said his last word, though. From immigration reform and environmental protection measures to the reopening of relations with Cuba, Barack Obama seems to have found a fresh surge of energy, a second wind, as if his party's defeat in the legislative elections at the end of 2014 had liberated him. He admittedly has nothing to lose. At this point he is seeking to burnish his image and leave his mark in the history books. But will two years be enough to transform this presidential term into a resounding success? He clearly has the wherewithal to surprise us...

Notes :

(1) Début 2009, le president Obama signait l'American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, qui allait injecter 787 milliards de dollars dans l'économie.

(2) Les soins dans les services d'urgence coûtent extrêmement cher, et beaucoup pourraient être évités grâce à un accès remboursé aux médecins de ville.

(3) L'Immigration Reform and Control Act de 1986 légalisa 2,9 millions d'immigrants sans papiers.

(4) La réforme proposée en 2007 comportait un renforcement de la frontière et une légalisation progressive des illégaux. Le Sénat la rejeta sans même voter sur le fond.